Overdraft Advance/Protection


In addition to Overdraft Protection Chiphone offers Overdraft Advance. This program has a set maximum dollar cap, including overdraft fees of ($500).  Chiphone may apply an overdraft fee of ($38.00) for each overdraft honored upon presentment.

The following transactions will be covered under Overdraft Advance; Share Draft Items, Debit Card withdrawals (Opt-In Notice Required), and ACH transactions.  Repayment timeframe of 30 days to bring account to a positive status.

Overdraft Advance Program Eligibility:

  • Share Draft account(s) opened for 90 days may be eligible for this program.
  • Signed OPT IN/OUT Notice.

Circumstances when Overdraft Advance is not applicable:

  • Share Draft account has reached the maximum Overdraft Advance dollar amount of $500.
  • Account less than 90 days old.
  • Account not in good standing.



Overdraft protection is our optional service that prevents the rejection of charges to your Share Draft account, (primarily checks, ATM transactions, debit-card charges) that are in excess of the available funds in the account.  If the funds are not in the Share Draft (checking) account when a check or ACH transaction tries to clear, the funds will automatically be transferred from the share (savings) account with a $5.00 over draft fee for each incident.  Please note, you may choose to have Overdraft Protection funds pulled from a different account, such as a money market account.