Mobile Wallet

Pay Outside the Wallet!
Excited to announce we are now offering Digital Wallet through the following pay apps!  Apple, Samsung, Google, Fitbit and Garmin.
Mobile wallet options provide easy, simple, secure and private ways to use your Chiphone Visa debit and credit cards. It’s an electronic ticket to a world of financial convenience, and efficiency like you may have never experienced before!
Your mobile wallet can change how you make purchases with contactless payment technology and unique security features.
To add either of the listed wallet pay options to a phone and/or watch, you will first need to install to your phone/watch through the app store.  Some phones/watches may already have this application listed by default.  Once app has been installed, you will complete the following steps.
  1. Select “Add Card” option
  2. Enter Card Information
  3. In most instances, but not all, you will receive a prompt to contact your financial institution with the phone number provided to complete the verification process.  If you don’t receive this prompt, this means your verification has been successfully completed.
  4. Once steps 1-3 are complete, you are ready to go!