Make a Loan Payment




LoanPay Xpress delivers an all-in one, mobile optimized, multi-channel platform for payment acceptance.  LPX offers you a quick and easy method for making your loan payments from any outside Checking/Savings account or Credit/Debit card.  Self-manage your own loan through our secure internet connection, and never pay another late fee or miss a payment! 



  • Optimized for Mobile or Desktop.
  • Multiple Payment Options:
    1. ACH/Bank Transfer Processing: Free
    2. Debit Card Processing: $6.50 per loan payment transaction.
  • Responsive Design, No App Required.
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use.
  • Complete Self-Service Functionality.
  • Originate and Cancel Payments.
  • View Payment History.
  • Manage Recurring Payments.
  • Username & Password Assistance.
  • View Loan Account Statement Data.
  • Update Personal Contact Information.


Establishing Your LoanPay Xpress Account:

  • You will need your Chiphone account number, Loan number/suffix, and Payment methods (Debit/Credit Card Info or ACH Direct Debit from another Financial Institution – Acct. # & Routing #.)
  • Accepted Debit/Credit Cards:  Discover – Debit/Credit, Mastercard – Debit/Credit, and Visa – Debit Only!


  1. Chiphone Account:  123456
  2. Loan Number/Suffix:  052

In the LoanPay Xpress system, you will establish your account as:  123456052.


  • Where to Find your Loan Number:  Your Loan Number/Suffix is located on your monthly statement or on the original loan paperwork you were issued at the time you established your Chiphone loan account.  On your Statement/eStatement, the Loan Number is listed as a 3-digit number.  If you have established your Chiphone Online and/or Mobile Banking account, you may also retrieve your Account & Loan number from these sites.


Forms of Payment: 

  1. You can use any non-Chiphone debit or credit card, with Visa (Visa Debit Cards Only!), MasterCard and Discover logos.  Chiphone does not accept American Express payments. 
  2. ACH Direct Debit from another financial institution’s savings or checking account.
  3. If you want to make payments using funds in your Chiphone savings or checking account, you can use Chiphone’s Internet Banking system (IT’S ME 247) to make a FREE payment.
  4.   Up to (4) Payment Methods can be saved on your LoanPay Xpress Account.  (2) Debit/Credit cards, and (2) ACH/Bank Transfers.


Payment Posting Timeframes: 

ACH/Bank Transfer:

  • Payments processed before 3:45p EST, will post to your account the next business day (M-F).
  • Payments processed after 4:00p EST, will post to your account in 2 Business days (M-F).
  • Payments made on Saturday, Sunday, and Federal Holidays will take up to 2-3 business days to post.

Debit Card:

  • Authorized Debit card payments are credited immediately and will post to your loan the next business day!  A processing fee of $6.50 will be charged for each Debit card payment!

*We Do Not process payments on weekends and Federal Holidays; however, payments can still be made to your loan(s).

If you have any questions about Chiphone’s LoanPay Xpress program or encounter difficulties logging in, please contact our member service dept.  (574) 294-3606.