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Chiphone has a new kids club coming to town.
The Jr. Saver's Money Mammals Kids Club is coming.  Current Chippy Jr. Saver members will automatically become money mammals members when the new club starts.  There will be special events, contests, and web page just for kids with interactive games and lots of fun stuff to do.
Stay tuned for more information!!!  
To sign up for the club this is what you need:  (Must bring child's birth certificate and Social Security Card.) Parent or Guardian must be joint on account. Money mammals Club is for ages 12 and under.


Hey Kids!

 Open your first Savings account with Chiphone and we will give you a FREE gift. (Must bring child's birth certificate and Social Security Card.) Parent or Guardian must be joint on account.

 Applies to new 1st time member of Chiphone.  This offer applies to kids 0-12.

Chippy's Birthday Club

Join our Jr. Saver's Birthday Club!
Make a deposit of $10 or more in your birthday month and we will give you a birthday present! Let us celebrate with you!  The Jr. Saver's Birthday Club is for Jr. Saver's between the ages of 1-12. 

Chippy's Mailbox

Hi Jr. Saver's! Now you can send e-mail to Chippy at info@chiphone.org. Any Jr. Saver that contacts Chippy via mail or e-mail can come in to receive a prize.  You can still write to Chippy at:
Chippy Change
C/O Chiphone Marketing Department
1655 W. Beardsley Ave.
Elkhart, In 46514 

Kids Under 18 May Open A Draft Account

Hey kids, you may now open a draft account with a ATM/Debit Card provided your parents are joint on your account and agree to be responsible for your transactions.  This is a great way to learn to become financially responsible with the help of your parents. 

Jokes For You, sent by Hannah, Alice and David of Milford, IN

Q: Why did the girl throw the clock out the window? A:  She wanted to see time fly. Q:  What time was it when 20 dogs were after 1 cat?
A:  20 after 1

Q:  What is black & white and black & white and green all over? A:  Two skunks fighting over a pickle. Send us a joke or two and we will post it to our site.

Roll Call

Every time you make a deposit of $5.00 or more have the teller stamp your membership card. Once your card is filled up you can bring the card in and turn it in for a prize. You can pick a prize out of the Chippy Treasure Chest.

These Jr. Savers have filled their card in 2018!

 (Fill your punch card and your name can go here.) 

Zane age 12 of Elkhart
Caleb age 10 of Elkhart
Aiden age 3 of Elkhart
Isaac age 4 of Nappanee
Ryley  age 2 of Middlebury

Chippy Corner

Write or email Chippy.  info@chiphone.org.  Let Chippy know what you like to do.

Chippy Activity

Here is a Picture to Color Stop in at our branches to get a page to color. Bring it back and we will hang it up for you!


Chiphone is asking for Sponsors to donate merchandise to our Kid's Jr. Saver's Club.  Get your business name mentioned on our site and printed on the Jr. Saver's membership cards.

Current sponsor donors are: 
(as of 2017)

Rulli's Italian Restaurant-Elkhart
Chuck E. Cheese's-Mishawaka & Merrillville
Linton's Enchanted Gardens-Elkhart
Culver's Frozen Custard-Elkhart
Jak's Warehouse-Schererville
Sky Zone-Schererville